Thank you for visiting my web site. The Samsel Report is my alternative news page. There, you will find an introduction to alternative news sources because we can no longer trust mainstream-corporate news, as we know they are NOT informing the American people. You can also listen to the Samsel Report LIVE radio show. Go to the 'Man of Muse' page to check out my tunes, or go to the 'Published Author' page and check out my books.  The 'also known as' page displays some of my alter-egos, such as Wild Bill McCoy and Sam the Dexter. Sorry, but you can no longer go to my online store and purchase recordings and books safely and securely. Oh well... Overall, the site looks good and functions and I hope you find it interesting. Please sign the guestbook or feel free to leave me your comments and feedback. 

Here's where I hit you up for a few bucks. You know, I do put a great deal of effort into maintaining the site, gathering up news, putting the show together and then doing it all over again for the next week... and so on... and I don't get paid for any of it. So, please feel free to send a donation to
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